Publish Bitcoin transaction

Rebroadcast your transaction if it has become stuck or dropped from the mempool.

Process monitor:

Current netwrok fee: fastest confirmation (next block) - 14 sat/byte, within half an hour - 3 sat/byte, within an hour or more - 1 sat/byte

Why do you need to use transaction accelerator?

  • Bitcoin nodes abandon transactions with a small network fee.
  • Stucked transactions more than mempool lifetime var should be deleted.
  • Miners do not like transactions with a huge number of inputs and/or outputs, because of a block size limit.
  • Miners always prefer small tx with high network fees and select profitable txs when mempool is overloaded.

How does the TX accelerator work?

  • Your transaction will be broadcasted to popular nodes from the list.
  • Each node propagate the transaction to another connected nodes.
  • Transaction will be added to miner's priority list and it will be added to block besides network fee.

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