Publish Bitcoin transaction

Rebroadcast your transaction if it has become stuck or dropped from the mempool. YES. It's totally FREE🀘

Current netwrok fee: fastest confirmation (next block) - 78 sat/byte
within half an hour - 49 sat/byte, within an hour or more - 24 sat/byte

πŸ‘‘ Premium. Broadcasting every hour for $15 ONLY!

Transaction being processed faster but many other factors can affect to the confirmation speed, such as the network fee and spontaneous growth of transactions on the Bitcoin network.

Please be patient. We will take care of your transaction and it will not be abandoned or lost.
Broadcast to all nodes up to confirmation!

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Why do you need to use transaction accelerator?

  • Bitcoin nodes abandon transactions with a small network fee.
  • Stucked transactions more than mempool lifetime var should be deleted.
  • Miners do not like transactions with a huge number of inputs and/or outputs, because of a block size limit.
  • Miners always prefer small tx with high network fees and select profitable txs when mempool is overloaded.

How does the TX accelerator work?

  • Your transaction will be broadcasted to popular nodes from the list.
  • Each node propagate the transaction to another connected nodes.
  • Transaction will be added to miner's priority list and it will be added to block besides network fee.

What can you do next time?

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πŸ‘‘βŒ› ba17f2d48c0cc4f27daefa8dfe57916482a42608bae59288831a5b31994df569new tab
πŸ‘‘βŒ› d454633a4664c7d7e2d6a2a338da58ab2b1a1a8bf5e0d9ed86e7a389fc63ba58new tab
πŸ‘‘βŒ› 8f5efd3b104c399e916b4f3fe09a93a266ffc2e2b2324709adb543e6952a5cf2new tab
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