Taproot address

A pay-to-taproot (P2TR), also known as a Taproot or Bech32m address, is the most recent and advanced bitcoin address format. Taproot introduces more advanced security, privacy, flexibility and scaling to bitcoin. Like SegWit, Taproot addresses are opt-in and not currently widely supported.

Benefits of Taproot include the ability to use Schnorr Signatures, offering better security, lower fees, and more flexible multi-key transactions. Multi-key addresses using P2TR look the same as single-key addresses giving users of multi-key increased privacy. Taproot also enables more advanced scripting, enabling more complex smart contracts to be built on bitcoin.

Taproot addresses start with bc1p and are case insensitive.

Example: bc1pqyqszqgpqyqszqgpqyqszqgpqyqszqgpqyqszqgpqyqszqgpqyqsyjer9e
Transactions of this address is not displayed the same on different blockchain explorers:

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Bech32 adoption: https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Bech32_adoptionnew tab

taproot example address
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